No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee

No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee


No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee

*No refrigeration necessary.

6oz | 240ml $15


Ingredients: 100% certified organic grass-fed clarified butter and certified organic Triphala Oil. Benefits of ghee: Nourishes the body and mind, healthy digestion, lubricates tissues, helps remove toxins, is particularly rejuvenating for the brain, and is an immensely highly effective oil that can easily help bring the system into ketosis for ideal weight management. Benefits of Triphala: Helps as a bowel tonic, weight loss, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory and arthritis, helps to prevents cancer, and supports radiant skin and hair.


Directions: Highly beneficial to take as a pre-cleanse before starting No. 8 Kitchari Cleanse or anytime you are feeling sluggish. Wonderful to use instead of butter, as a cooking oil, and in your morning coffee.


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