No. 8 Organics 6 Day (12 Servings eat for Lunch and Dinner for 6 days) KITCHARI CLEANSE

No. 8 Organics 6 Day (12 Servings eat for Lunch and Dinner for 6 days) KITCHARI CLEANSE


Save $10 by purchasing the No. 8 Organics 6 Day Kitchari Cleanse.

It is very beneficial to do a No. 8 Organics Kitchari Cleanse for 6 Days to reboot and reset the digestive fires, let go of weight and sluggishness, boost the immune system, eliminate cravings, and detox the entire system. Kitchari is beneficial for everyone, young and old.




2- No. 8 Organics Kitchari Cleanse Pouches (6 Day Cleanse, 12 Servings)

2 - No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee

1 - No. 8 Organics Kitchari Spice Mix

1 - No. 8 Organics Kitchari Cleanse Pre and Post Guide and Recipe.

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No. 8 Organics Kitchari Cleanse 6 Day


It’s very beneficial to do a No. 8 Organics Kitchari Cleanse one day a week on a regular basis, to keep your system flushed from toxins, recharge your digestive fires, manage weight, and to keep you feeling vital, full of energy and vibrant.

 Included in your cleanse:

·       2-No. 8 Organics Kitchari Rice and Dal 6-Day Cleanse $36

·       2-No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee $30

·       1-No. 8 Organics Kitchari Spice Mix $20

·       1-No. 8 Complete Kitchari Cleanse Guide and Recipe

Benefits of No. 8 Organics Complete Kitchari Cleanse:

·       Revitalizes the entire system. Including circulation.

·       Aids in Digestion

·       Clears the Mind

·       Reduces Stress and Calms Anxiety

·       Helps Restful Sleep

·       Helps to Eliminate Constipation

·       Gentle Cleanse and Detox of the Entire System

·       Assists in Weight Loss

·       Promotes radiant skin and hair

·       Maintains Reproductive Health and Reduces Painful Menstruation

·       Helps to Eliminate Cravings  

No. 8 Organics Kitchari 6 Day Cleanse: 100% Certified Organic $80 (6 lunches and 6 dinners).  Includes 2- pouches No. 8 Organics basmati rice*, organic yellow mung dal*. 1- No. 8 Organics Spice Mix*, 2-No. 8 Organic Triphala Ghee*, and 1-No. 8 Organics Kitchari Recipe and complete cleanse guide with pre and post self care routines.

 No. 8 Organics Kitchari Spice Mix  

3.5oz | 104ml $18

Ingredients – 100% certified organic Cumin Seeds, Ginger, 
, Turmeric, 
Pink Himalayan Salt, Black pepper.


Directions: Say the intention out loud “I AM SPICY”, while sprinkling on any dish to which you’d like to add some pure goodness. Works to assist in gently detoxing the system, while adding wonderful flavor to food. USE IN NO. 8 KITCHARI CLEANSE. FOLLOW RECIPE DIRECTIONS.

No. 8 Organics Triphala Ghee

*No refrigeration necessary.

6oz | 240ml $15


Ingredients: 100% certified organic grass-fed clarified butter and certified organic Triphala Oil. Benefits of ghee: Nourishes the body and mind, healthy digestion, lubricates tissues, helps remove toxins, is particularly rejuvenating for the brain, and is an immensely highly effective oil that can easily help bring the system into ketosis for ideal weight management. Benefits of Triphala: Helps as a bowel tonic, weight loss, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory and arthritis, helps to prevents cancer, and supports radiant skin and hair.

Directions: Highly beneficial to take as a pre-cleanse before starting No. 8 Kitchari Cleanse or anytime you are feeling sluggish. Wonderful to use instead of butter, as a cooking oil, and in your morning coffee.





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